Eco-certification comes to travel industry

Sustainable Travel International (STI) has launched its Sustainable Tourism Eco-certification Program (STEP) in North America.
STEP is a voluntary certification initiative developed by STI in conjunction with stakeholders from around the world for the travel and tourism industry.

It’s designed to assist travel and tourism providers in identifying, measuring and managing their environmental, socio-cultural, and economic impacts.

Though similar initiatives exist in other countries, STEP is currently the only unsubsidized, non-profit eco-certification program of its kind that will be available globally.

Before formally launching the program in the U.S. and Canada, STEP will be piloted in conjunction with leading accommodations, attractions, tour operators and transportation service providers in these regions. Participating companies will go through the eco-certification process and provide suggestions for refining and further streamlining the program. They’ll also have an opportunity to be among the first to be Eco-certified in North America.

“We have been developing the program in a transparent manner, involving stakeholders from around the world, for the last three years,” explains Brian T. Mullis, STI President. “Our primary focus is to offer a user-friendly system that doubles as an educational and marketing tool and compliments other existing sustainable tourism eco-certification programs while limiting the barriers to entry for travel and tourism-related companies of all sizes.”


Participation in the STEP Pilot Launch is limited and is available on a first come first served basis. Companies based in the U.S. and Canada that are interested in participating are encouraged to contact STI. For more information on STEP, email STI, call 720-273-2975, or visit