Travelocity automates biz split ticketing

Travelocity BusinessSM is automating the ‘split ticketing’ process to enable travellers to more easily select multiple air carriers for a single trip.
The new process is designed to help companies streamline travel by increasing their ‘touchless’ transaction rates, or the number of trips booked by travelers that do not require additional follow up or help from an agent.  It also aims to help companies get the most out of pre-negotiated air programs by automatically identifying and applying the appropriate trip segments to the right air contracts.

Equally as important is Travelocity Business’ dedication to automating processes like split ticketing to create the most efficient agency model that results in even better customer service for business travelers.

“Make no mistake about it, our strategy is to continue enhancing our technology, but not just for technology’s sake,” said Joel Bailey, director of Product Marketing at Travelocity Business.  “As we continue to apply technology to different types of fulfillment processes, it frees our agents to dedicate more of their time to helping travelers with those special travel needs that can’t be automated.”