Industry veteran joins TravelCLICK

TravelCLICK is appointing of David Marshall to direct the evolution of TravelCLICK’s integrated hotel distribution solutions.  As Chief Architect, Marshall will advance TravelCLICK’s integrated solutions to a platform offering seamless interoperability for revenue delivery applications.

Marshall has more than 20 years of experience in driving major technology initiatives for the hospitality industry.  He has worked in nearly all aspects of hotel technology applications, including central reservations systems, property management systems, ASP-based systems, and other enterprise applications.  Before joining TravelCLICK, Marshall co-founded and served as President of VM Systems, a software consulting firm providing architecture, design, development, and mentoring services to hotel groups and hospitality software vendors.  He has held key technical roles with such industry leaders as MICROS, Fidelio, and Inter-Continental Hotels Group.  He has also been active in standards organizations such as Open Travel Alliance (OTA), The Hotel Industry Switch Co. (THISCO) and Hospitality Industry Technology Integration Standards (HITIS).

“TravelCLICK has long supported the improvement of the hotel industry’s distribution systems through revenue best practices, processes, and interoperability between competitive data and delivery systems,” said Robert Post, President and CEO of TravelCLICK.  “David has the talent to take our solution architecture to the next level of interoperability, delivering compelling business solutions that drive increased revenue growth and earnings for our hotel customers.”

TravelCLICK recently ported its iHotelier Central Reservation System to a robust Sun/Oracle backend and upgraded its operations to include a fully redundant server environment including an integrated off site disaster recovery facility.  Marshall will leverage this technological momentum to deliver the next phase of its integrated solution strategy, which includes hotel central reservations, market intelligence, travel agent media, and Internet marketing applications.

“TravelCLICK’s migration of its iHotelier CRS to a robust Oracle environment to consolidate core services on a common platform as well as its investment in business continuity systems represent a strong commitment to this new perspective on revenue delivery,” said David Marshall.  “This platform with integrated data across all applications will create ubiquitous access to information that can drive strategy, speed decision making, and increase profitability for TravelCLICK’s hotel customers.”