Survey: Baltic States attract Germans

Germans who have already been to the Baltic states are far more likely to be planning another trip than those who have never visited the Baltics. This is according to a survey commissioned by the Enterprise Estonia foundation indicates.

The survey suggests that it is very important to promote Estonia as a travel destination among Germans who have not visited the Baltics yet, as 42 percent of respondents who had been to the Baltic states described as likely the prospect that they would make a holiday trip to the same region again in the coming three years, as compared with 12 percent of those who hadn`t been to the Baltics.

The pollster IMAS International GmbH interviewed one thousand German residents aged over 15 for the survey.

The poll revealed that 10 percent of Germans have visited the Baltic states, and most of them have been to at least two of the three countries.

A quarter of respondents said they were interested in traveling to the Baltics, with respondents older than 55 being more interested than younger people. All the three Baltic states are of equal interest for Germans, according to the survey.


“Many Germans are traveling to Estonia, they are in second place after Finns in our accommodation enterprises. We`ve got feedback at fairs, and three years ago we asked the opinion of one hundred or so German tour organizers, but this is the first time that get such an extensive general evaluation of the Baltic states as a holiday destination,” Enterprise Estonia board member Ulari Alamets said.

While the respondents generally had little knowledge about Estonia, their opinion of the country was more positive than negative.