French strike Tuesday may choke travel

French unions have said that they are planning a one-day strike unless the government withdraws a new youth labour law, which has sparked violent demostrations.

France’s civil aviation authority said some flights are expected to be cancelled. The authority urged travellers to contact air carriers directly for information.

In Paris, half of the subway trains were expected to run, while the suburban RER commuter lines are likely to face greater disruptions, the RATP transport authority told the Associated Press.

The national rail network, SNCF, said two out of three trains were expected on main routes.

Eurostar service to London and Thalys trains to Brussels are unlikely to be affected.


Union leaders said they would meet Wednesday to decide on the next step, and one threatened to extend the strike.

“If there is not a positive response from the government Tuesday night, we will continue the movement,” Jean-Claude Mailly of the Workers Force union told The Associated Press.