Children are not excess baggage

Luggage is looked after better than children when it comes to summer holidays abroad, according to a new survey. IdentiKids, the ID wristband company, surveyed 1,000 parents, and its findings showed that 89 per cent of those questioned regularly tagged their luggage.

In contrast, only 21 per cent invested in cost effective child ID and safety products for their children while on holiday in the UK and - surprisingly - only 13 per cent think of using ID wristbands abroad where the need is arguably greater.

“Tagging luggage is second nature, but I was really surprised by the findings,” says, IdentiKids’ Managing Director Nadine Lewis. “It might seem perverse but, while on holiday, parents seem more concerned about losing their luggage than becoming temporarily separated from their children. ID wristbands are available from all airports, only cost a few quid and are very easy to use.”

Kids often become temporarily separated from their parents during holidays because they love playing with airport escalators, baggage machines or even teasing the smart men and women in uniform who work for customs and excise. And that is before boarding the plane!

It is, therefore, no surprise that 66 per cent of those surveyed stated that supervising children while on holiday is much more stressful than at any other time.


For this reason, ID wristbands help give parents piece of mind while on holiday and help reunite parents with children when they become temporarily separated. The wristbands allow for parents to write their mobile number on the back of them and fasten around their child’s wrist, so helpful passers-by in airports or on beaches can reunite children with their mums and dads by simply calling the number.

The new IdentiKids’ wristbands are now available from most airports at WH Smiths Travel Shops and Boots, as well as on the high Street at Boots, Mothercare, Superdrug and local independent retailers.

They are a simple solution to help lost children be reunited with mums and dads. There are two versions of wristbands: Tots ID, for children between 0-6 years, and WickID, a funky, colourful wristband for 6-11 year olds.

Cheryl Baker, TV presenter and singer was impressed with the idea of the wristbands. She said, “What a brilliant idea! Two years ago my own daughter, Kyla, was celebrating her birthday at Chessington World of Adventures. She went on a ride with a friend but, of course, the exit was some way away. As I had a broken ankle at the time, I made my way slowly to the exit but Kyla was nowhere to be seen. After much waiting, screaming, panicking and crying, I was reunited with my daughter who was none the worse for wear. If only I had had an IdentiKids’ wristband.”