Miva launches pay-per-text ads

MIVA is launching an innovative new Pay-Per-Text ad channel that allows advertisers to reach potential customers via SMS.TXT//AD is being launched in the UK via an exclusive deal with The
Number, Britain’s leading directory assistance service and the company
behind the high profile 118 118 brand.

The new product enables
advertisers for the first time to buy space within 118 118 text

The new ads will be sold by targeted Ad Groups allowing companies to
reach highly relevant audiences actively interested in their products or
services. TXT//ADs include advertisers’ phone numbers as well as special
offers or advertising straplines. Seb Bishop, Director and CMO, MIVA

“118 118 texts tens of millions of directory callers with their enquiry
details each year. TXT//AD for the first time gives companies the
opportunity to have their number and any special offer included within
these messages.

“A car hire company, for example, could now buy space in every text
message sent in response to 118 118 enquiries for companies in the
‘airlines’ Ad Group. We believe this is an incredibly powerful and
highly targeted new ad model.”


Adds William Ostrom, Communications Director, The Number:

“Mobile callers to 118 118 ring us because they have an immediate and
direct need to reach a business or service. Now, we’ve developed and
tested a proposition that we believe greatly increases the value of
every message, without making any additional charge to the end user.”

MIVA will manage the sale of the new model to advertisers and their
agencies; the company’s editorial team will also work with advertisers
to develop the copy for the new ads.

TXT//AD has been tested and researched by Saville Rossiter Base amongst
a sample of 500 mobile phone users. Key findings of this research:

- Nearly 60% of respondents who were sent the message recalled it, and
14% of these people used the additional number.
- 93% of users said they would like to receive an additional number in
- 75% of respondents said that they could see clear benefits in the
- Just over 80% of respondents were also interested in an enhanced offer
(such as a discount on goods or services) and the majority said that
even if they didn’t use it immediately, they would do at some point. 
- Half also said they would think about sending the information on to
family and friends.

The launch of TXT//AD is the latest in a series of new products from
MIVA. Within the last six months, the company has launched Pay-Per-Call
Ads in the UK as well as MIVA Mail and its new Algorithmic search

“MIVA has built its reputation on the development of highly targeted
online ad solutions; TXT//AD takes this proven direct response model off
the web and into the high volume SMS market,” concluded Bishop.