BA scraps check-in for local flights

British Airways is to introduce a number of changes over the next two years, designed to respond to customer trends and create the best possible airport experience for its customers. The improvements will relate to all aspects of a customer’s journey through the airport, including check-in, baggage handling, seating allocation, lounges and aircraft boarding to ensure a stress-free, speedy and seamless experience for travellers.

To deliver the improvements the airline will further embrace technology, simplify its policies and upgrade key airport areas.

The first change in this process will be an evolution to the check-in process for customers flying within the UK. From April 25th, customers flying on UK domestic journeys will be required to check-in at using a kiosk at the airport.

Those customers who originate in The Americas will follow the same check-in procedure as they do now by checking in at or at a traditional airport check-in desk or at a check-in kiosk at JFK Airport, New York. Those customers who return from UK gateways and connect to their longhaul flight will need to use or an airport kiosk to check in for their entire journey.

Customers who check-in on may print their own boarding pass from their home or office printer, permitting them to proceed immediately to the boarding gate on arrival at the airport. Those passengers with bags to check in may use the airline’s speedy ‘bag drop’ facilities located at the airport.


British Airways customer service staff will be on hand to assist customers through every stage of the process.

Robin Hayes, Executive Vice President The Americas, said: “Our customers have told us that they greatly enjoy flying with us, but are looking for ways to reduce queuing and save precious time where possible. Travelers see their time at the airport as an extension of their trip and want to enjoy it as much as possible.

“Making the airport experience simpler, speedier and smarter for our customers is a cornerstone of the airline’s many planned improvements. Check in on an airline’s website is not only becoming industry standard, but is ever-more popular with travelers, enabling them to take control of their travel plans and use their time more effectively.

“Customers may choose a seat 23 hours before their flight and print their own boarding pass, permitting them to relax, safe in the knowledge that they can ‘fly’ through the airport on arrival.

“This change to our check in service is about responding to customers, giving them control of their journey, and permitting them to speed through the airport. Through better integration of enabling technologies such as on-line check in, British Airways can focus on continued, meaningful investment in the elements of service that matter most to its customers.”