Cheapflights takes on two key bosses

Cheapflights Ltd. is expanding and strengthening its Boston based operations and is appointing two key new staff members - Ms Molly Oldfield Yen, Content Manager and Mr Ljubomir Vujisic, Lead Developer.Ljubomir brings extensive experience in Internet operations and product development, having held senior positions in a number of Internet services companies, including Trellix, focused on providing web hosting, application hosting and site development services to small and large businesses.

He has over 10 years experience as a lead developer and architect with a range of small and large companies including PepsiCo and deNovis. 

He brings to specialized skills in designing complex systems and applications. Ljubomir earned his PHD in Mechanical Engineering/Applied Mathematics from MIT, a Master of Sciences in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University, and a Mechanical Engineering Diploma from Belgrade University.

He is fluent in English, Serbo-Croat and German, with knowledge of Russian, French, .NET and Java.

Molly Oldfield Yen joins with a strong background in on-line publications and consumer applications. Prior to joining, Molly worked with high tech and on-line learning organizations, including Lotus Development/IBM, Trellix and Pearson Education. She has an undergraduate degree from Simmons College and completed her Master of Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education.

ADVERTISEMENT is also in the process of recruiting for several specialized positions including General Manager, to manage the profitable US business unit which is currently growing at over 100% a year, Newsletter Manager to oversee the weekly newsletter that is distributed to over 1.5 million users promoting industry deals, news, sponsorships and promotions, plus a range of Development and QA Engineer positions.

Hugo Burge, Vice Chairman commented: “Cheapflights has come of age in the US in terms of traction, market share and profitability - the one thing we were missing was large enough office space to meet our evolving needs - and now we have that, along with a multitude of talented and dedicated staff members to fill it. We are delighted to welcome Ljubomir and Molly to the team.  We are also recruiting for executive level positions that will enable us to move forward to the next stage of US growth.”