Marriott launches total trip pricing

Marriott is helping eliminate uncertainty about the total price of guest rooms at all of its more than 2,700 hotels worldwide with the launch of Total Trip Pricing. As every seasoned traveler knows, there can be an array of taxes and government surcharges added to your bill.

While many travel websites just list these by percentages in the small print for the traveler to figure out, Marriott’s Total Trip Pricing does the math for you. It eliminates guesswork by factoring in all applicable taxes, surcharges and any fees in an easy-to- read, line-by-line layout before customers complete their online reservations.

In addition, Total Trip Pricing is also available when calling the company’s toll-free reservations line, by contacting a hotel directly or through selected travel agents.

“As part of our recently launched Spirit to Serve Our Guests initiative, we want to ensure that our guests are as fully informed as possible about the actual price of a guest room, including taxes, before they make reservations with us,” said Amy McPherson, executive vice president, Sales and Marketing, Marriott International.

“Total Trip Pricing will remove much of the uncertainty in planning and budgeting for a family’s vacation or upcoming business trip by making pricing more transparent.”


The addition of Total Trip Pricing is one of many customer-focused enhancements Marriott has made to the travel planning and booking process.

On, the company’s increasingly popular website with $2.7 billion gross revenues in 2005, travelers can view thousands of hotel and resort photographs, as well as book separate air travel and car rental reservations.

Just recently, the Customer Respect Group recognized for its treatment of online customers, ranking it best in the travel industry.