Thai spa summit sets theme

The theme of this year’s Wellness Summit 2006 is “Enlivening the Spirit, Kindred Hearts to Healing Passions.” To those of you who need a revival of the industry’s spirit, and the passion and desire to heal this seemingly lacking spirit, come and be revived and rejuvenated by this Summit.

Renowned worldwide as a location that has continuously produced award-winning resort spas and for its tranquil, idyllic feel, Hua Hin - a three-hour drive away from Bangkok - is a perfect destination like no other to gather for a Summit of this significance and depth.

Against such a backdrop, delegates will truly be able to unshackle their minds and spirit, and journey into the realm of wellness and be further inspired, at the end of it all, to work towards achieving the integration and coherence in the industry that this Summit seeks to achieve.


Dr John Brazier is the founder of the Oriental Body Balance system. He is also a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a practitioner of Oriental medicine (Thai & Japanese) and modern Western complementary systems.


For the last 20 years he has studied with masters from all over the world, and believes ‘real’ holistic medicine is based on the ability to diagnose and treat a patient on all three levels: mind, body and spirit.

He has enhanced his physical medicine modalities by training in psychology with the likes of Paul McKenna and Tony Robins. His wealth of clinical and corporate experience has certainly placed him firmly on the list of experts to be sourced by training providers, as well as being a highly sought-after event speaker and an advisor on the subject of health and well-being.


“Sonu”, a former student of Eton College holds an M.A. in English Literature from Oxford University. He has attended various management development programmes at IMD, London Business School, and Ashridge.

Sonu began his career with a two-year induction into the family business in West Africa and Europe in a variety of industries such as breweries, vineyards, tea plantations, oil services, computer distribution, and the financial sector.

In 1991, Sonu made a small investment in Pavilion Resorts, leaving another brother to run most of the family business activities. Since then the small shareholding has been extended to full ownership. The company’s focus was changed to the higher end 4-star and 5-star designer resort and hotel niche. The executive team also changed so that the management’s skills reflected the requirements of the new strategic direction.


Having learnt under many different spiritual masters all over the world, Vikas Malkani is one of the top contemporary spiritual teachers in India today. An expert on the psychology of human relationships and the nature of the mind, he is also a Reiki Master.
Vikas is the founder of SoulCentre (India and Singapore) and is a regular contributor to numerous international publications. His wise and simple insight cuts through all superficial levels, and goes straight to the heart. The forte of this best-selling author is to make the ancient wisdom of the spiritual masters simple to understand and easy to apply in our daily lives.

Through his oration and life-transforming workshops on spirituality, leadership, the creation of abundance, and love and relationships, he has touched the lives of thousands worldwide, including those of children through his SoulKids programme.

Vikas is the recipient of numerous awards for his life transforming vision and work in the field of human consciousness.

He has also been a guest on numerous TV and radio shows and has lectured at international seminars worldwide. He appears on primetime every night on a national spiritual TV channel in India.