Queensland island hotels evacuated

Guests and staff of Voyages Dunk and Bedarra Islands were evacuated as Category 5 Tropical Cyclone Larry approached the coast of Queensland near Innisfail.According to Voyages’ Executive General Manager Operations Darren Cann, the decision to evacuate the island resorts was made on Saturday evening.

“The staged evacuation of over 200 guests and 150 staff began early Sunday morning,” he said.

“Alternative accommodation was found in Cairns and a small group of staff have remained on each island to lock down resort facilities.”

“The decision to take these precautionary measures were the result of consultations with Queensland Emergency Services personnel and close monitoring of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology warnings,” Mr Cann explained.

“Our experience in operating remote wilderness resorts also helped us understand the nature and scope of the type of threat Tropical Cyclone Larry posed to our guests and staff, ensuring our Disaster Response Plans were rolled out quickly and efficiently.”