Air drama sparks airline warning

An airline issued a travel advice warning to air passengers on medication after one of its jets had to divert its flight path after a passenger became ill.

Low cost airline gave the travel warning after one of its passengers became ill mid-air and could not access her medication which was mistakenly packed in her luggage in the aircraft hold.

The airline is warning all travellers, whether on its own flights or other airlines, to ensure that prescribed medication, preferably with a Doctor’s note, is accessible in passengers’ carry-on luggage.

A spokesperson for said: “A passenger from Bradford returning from Alicante to Leeds Bradford airport became ill mid-way through the flight yesterday afternoon (Friday, 17 March).

“The lady, in her sixties, became short of breath and was complaining of chest pains so the captain took the decision, in the passenger’s best interests, to divert to the nearest airport which was Bournemouth.  In the meantime the cabin crew used their extensive training to ensure the passenger was as comfortable as possible.


“An ambulance was waiting and, on the aircraft’s arrival, she was taken to Bournemouth Hospital.  She was already showing signs of improvement in the ambulance, but was taken in for overnight observation as a matter of precaution.

“We understand our customer is feeling much better today and we wish her a speedy, full recovery.  However, it is a timely reminder for any traveller on medication to keep their prescriptions in their carry-on luggage so that it is accessible at all times.  It is also worth keeping a Doctor’s note with the medication so that it can be properly administered.”

The Boeing 737 aircraft, which was carrying 127 passengers, continued its journey to Leeds Bradford arriving slightly delayed early evening Friday.