Revenue tool launches for independents

Aspire is introducing aRevenue®Manager, a virtual revenue management system designed specifically for independent hotels and resorts.

“Many independent hotels lack the resources for an effective revenue management solution,” said Renie Cavallari, president and founder of Aspire.  “aRevenue®Manager is a team of full-time, revenue management analysts who fill that void and act as the hotel’s virtual team to improve revenues, maximize pricing and inventory management, and strategically optimize distribution.”

In addition, for those independent, as well as small to mid-size properties that carry the burden of hiring, training and, inevitably, replacing in-house revenue managers, aRevenue®Manager provides consistent, virtual revenue management without worrying about overhead, lack of knowledge and hassle.

“On average, clients can expect an improvement of 10 percent of their revenues year over year, above and beyond market shifts,” said Juston Parker, partner and vice president of revenue management solutions for Aspire. “Even a small, full-service property will realize in excess of $100,000 in the first year, plus the savings associated with manpower costs.”

According to Parker, revenue management is more than finding the right room, at the right price, for the right person at the right time.  Through aRevenue®Manager, Aspire conducts a strategic, full revenue management situational analysis, evaluates price versus value, analyzes industry trends, as well as utilizes forecasting to determine the demand for a hotel.


For the past 10 years, Aspire has administered revenue management programs for hotels of all sizes, from independents to large hotel chains all over the world such as The Breakers, Bernardus Lodge, Shutters on the Beach, Quorum Hotels, Cendant Hotels and Carlson Hotels & Resorts International.  The Phoenix-based company is also a consultant to Interactive Corporation’s Expedia, and Hotwire, as well as hospitality solutions providers, TravelCLICK and Synxis, among others.

From revenue maximization strategies and daily hotel and market analysis to demand forecasting, pricing and management of electronic channels, Aspire’s aRevenue®Manager offers real-time revenue management daily.