Focus shift for Travelocity after ten years

Travelocity employees are pausing today to look at the company’s metamorphosis over the last ten years. Once considered merely a way to book a flight, Travelocity today is an all encompassing resource for great travel experiences backed by 24/7 customer care.

“Our customers have helped us grow into one of the world’s largest travel companies in just 10 years,” said Michelle Peluso, Travelocity president and CEO. “On behalf of our team of more than 5,000 professionals across the globe, I want to personally thank all of the millions of people who have booked with us during our first decade. We will remain passionate about offering amazing experiences and standing behind our customers’ trips every step of the way.”

Travelocity Retro: A Decade of Online Travel

Today’s focus on customer service and complete travel experiences offers a contrast to the first online demos Travelocity executives gave to a handful of curious onlookers and bystanders at a launch event at Cyber Cafe in New York on March 12, 1996.

One of Travelocity’s first customers, Tom Caddoo, of Charlotte, N.C., booked his first trip on Travelocity a little more than two weeks after the site launched. For Caddoo, shopping and booking a trip completely on his own for the first time was a welcome advancement.


“When I first booked with Travelocity, I loved the independence the site afforded, allowing me to book anytime,” he said. “Ten years later, I remain loyal to Travelocity and appreciate how it has continually enhanced its offerings and customer service.”

Those expanded offerings include thousands of dynamic vacation packages that can be booked in advance or at the last minute with a wide variety of activities to choose from to round out the experience fully. Recently, Travelocity even gave travelers the ability to book such activities as a Vegas show a la carte. And one of Travelocity’s newest enhancements, MeetMe In…, gives consumers traveling from two departure cities the convenience and flexibility of planning and booking a getaway together on a single itinerary.