Star Alliance initiates ACAP

Star Alliance is selecting Lufthansa Systems as a preferred supplier to introduce ACAP.
The overall ACAP project was launched back in June 2005, when the airline alliance sought bids from various vendors to create alternative distribution channels, with the aim of cutting the 2 billion US Dollars which the 16 member carriers spend annually on GDS fees. The new platform will be available in Europe during the course of 2006 and will gradually be expanded to a global presence, including markets in Asia-Pacific.

“We are very pleased to be working together with Lufthansa Systems, as the combination of their European technology base paired with their long-standing experience in the aviation IT field, will allow us to bring a state-of-the-art product onto the market, which will set new industry standards in distribution and business travel,” said Horst Findeisen, Vice President Commercial, Star Alliance.

“Our solid knowledge of core airline systems and the ability to connect these systems flexibly to any booking platform or distribution channel allows us to play a key role in shaping the ACAP platform of Star Alliance and to provide all the necessary functionalities to Star Alliance member carriers. We are also very excited to have teamed up with Farelogix - a major player in the travel technology field - to work on the implementation of this ACAP solution for Star Alliance,” said Dr. Anselm Eggert, Senior Vice President Passenger Airline Solutions at Lufthansa Systems.

On the basis of this agreement, individual Star Alliance member carriers will conclude their own contracts for solutions which are tailored specifically to their requirements and markets. Lufthansa Systems will support its customers in achieving the highest flexibility and cost-effectiveness in selecting the mix of distribution channels most appropriate for the target markets and business goals.