Hot Stone therapy at Ripple Massage

Ripple Massage is introducing a decadent Hot Stone Massage Package for the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Tamborine Mountain regions.

Hot stone therapy has been around in many cultures for thousands of years as the therapeutic qualities of the heat applied to the body have been well recognised by ancient civilisations. The Egyptians used heated stones in their ceremonies, as well as the Native American Indians and warm volcanic stones were used at the end of lomi lomi massages in Hawaii.

In the Ripple Hot Stone massage, volcanic stones are used in two different ways. Large flat stones are heated and then placed on top of a towel along the back to heat the chakras (or energy centres) of the body. Smooth round stones that fit into the palm of the hand are also heated, coated in aromatherapy oils, and then used directly on the skin.

The mixture of the heat, essential oils and massage techniques allows for deep relaxation of the muscles and feels fantastic….like a ball of heat gliding over the body. Hot Stone massage is great for relaxation, deep tissue massage and chronic muscular pain. Health fund rebates are available. Full details are at

The Ripple Hot Stone package includes all of the following….


á Deeply relaxing one hour Hot Stone massage with aromatherapy oils

á A foot reflexology massage

á Warm scented aromatherapy foot soak

á Organic clay face mask

á Head and face massage with hand made Ripple lotion

á And a gift of aromatherapy oil to moisturise your skin, scent your home or splash in the bath.

á We come to you in your home or accommodation in the Gold Coast, Tamborine or Brisbane.

One and a half hour hot stone packages are only $90
Two hour packages, including free full body exfoliation to smooth and polish your skin & foot polish, are only $130

Hot Stone massages are available from Ripple by calling 0438 567 906 or more details at