China hotel review launched

GHD Sarl is launching its Global Hotel Review website in China, making It is one of the first pure hotel reviews to target the Middle Kingdom.Global Hotel Review China has more then a hundred thousand listed hotels in over 100 countries, and thousands of customer reviews covering hotels from 0 stars to 5 stars.

The Chinese tourism market continue to grow at a brisk pace, recent industry study by Analysys International highlights that the online travel market in china is projected to grow at annual growth rate of 82.2%, until reaching 9.6 billion dollars in value by the year 2009.

Furthermore, Chinese travelers have made over 25 million outbound trips in 2005 according to the National Tourism Administration, while the World Tourism Council predict that Chinese travelers will become the world 4th largest source of outbound travelers by 2020.

“The projected growth numbers for online travel in china are nothing short of staggering, this is why we are very excited about the launch of Global Hotel Review in China, we believe that Chinese travelers will greatly benefit from real and unbiased customer reviews in their travel planning, a luxury that the English speaking market has enjoyed for years,” highlighted Mr. Nawar Alsaadi, GHD Co-founder and general manager.

“Since our beta launch in September 2005, our staff in China and around the world have been working diligently to introduce the concept of a pure hotel review website in China through direct marketing and through partnerships with leading local online travel websites such as Chinadotman’s website.” highlighted Mr. Anes Altai, GHD Co-Founder and commercial manager.


It is worth noting that GHD is also planning to launch Global Hotel Review in French, Korean, Spanish, Japanese and German within 2006, followed by a version for underserved markets such as Arabic, Russian, Romanian, Polish and Hungarian in 2007.

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