GPS tracking comes to lost luggace

MicroTRAK GPS, a provider of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technology and products, has produced—SlimTRAK. MicroTRAK offers a solution to travelers following the release of recent findings by the U.S. Department of Transportation, that U.S.-based airlines last year lost approximately 10,000 bags a day on average, the worst performance since 1990.

The rate of lost suitcase reports per 1,000 passengers on flights soared 23 percent from a year earlier.

The smallest and most portable of the MicroTRAK products, SlimTRAK fits in the palm of one’s hand and can be used to protect or locate a wide variety of assets including people, vehicles, equipment or personal items such as luggage.

SlimTRAK combines advanced, proprietary GPRS technology, back-end infrastructure recently enhanced by Perot Systems and a global digital wireless network with real-time tracking on the Internet.

Travelers can purchase a SlimTRAK device which can be placed in their suitcase each time they travel.


In the unfortunate event it gets lost, travelers can immediately go online to track and locate their luggage on MicroTRAK’s secured Web server from any computer worldwide in less than 45 seconds.

In a day of Web-enabled cell phones and PDAs, travelers could realistically locate their luggage and notify airline representatives of its location immediately upon learning it’s lost.

“The portability and advanced location tracking technology make our SlimTRAK device the perfect travel companion,” said Jerry Grisaffi, president of MicroTRAK GPS. “SlimTRAK is a one-of-a-kind product that can provide consumers with peace of mind and a level of security, information and services that can’t be found on any other GPS location-tracking product.”