ZUJI offers travel insurance

ZUJI and travel insurer Mondial Assistance Group are forming an exclusive partnership to enable consumers to buy travel insurance online throughout Asia-Pacific.

Consumers can purchase their travel insurance cover via ZUJI travel agency sites in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and Korea. Stand-alone medical and cancellation insurance products will also be offered.

In the United States, around 20 percent of online travellers take up medical insurance before they travel.  ZUJI and Mondial Assistance anticipate a similar, if not higher, response from Asia-based travellers.  Indeed, early results indicate that 14 percent of ZUJI Singapore’s and 23 percent of ZUJI Australia’s customers bought travel insurance when offered it in the ‘check out’ path.

ZUJI’s general manager of partnerships, Chad Howard adds, “Until now, booking travel insurance online in Asia-Pacific has been an unwieldy process. ZUJI has changed that. By the development of exclusive technology for the purpose, ZUJI can now facilitate online purchase of comprehensive travel insurance from Mondial Assistance.”

Concludes Steve Hook, Director of Corporate and Travel at Mondial UK, “UK trends suggest that depending on the nature of the booking and the final destination, the sales penetration of travel insurance to bookings can vary by as much as 3 percent and 20 percent.  This depends on how easily the insurance is made available to the customer and their confidence in the insurer.  The level of conversion is also different according to the distribution channel, but the results already recorded by ZUJI indicate an untapped market in Asia-Pacific.”