Sheraton Miramar earns Green Globe Award

Sheraton Miramar Resort has achieved the prestigious Green Globe Benchmarked Certificate under the new Green Globe Certification program, which recognizes the operation’s commitment to operating at the world’s highest environmental standard. Sheraton Miramar Resort has spent considerable time benchmarking its energy and water consumption, waste production and disposal as well as implementing an integrated environmental and social policy.

In particular it has achieved Best Practice results in Energy consumption, Potable water consumption, Solid waste production, Social commitment, Resource conservation and cleaning chemicals used.

These measures will deliver ongoing reduction of non-renewable resources, extensive cost savings and secure a sustainable commercial and ecological future.

Green Globe is the global Benchmarking, Certification and improvement system assisting the international travel and tourism industry to attain sustainability. Green Globe provides a certification system that responds directly to the major environmental problems facing the planet, including the greenhouse effect, over-use of freshwater resources, destruction of biodiversity, production of solid and biological waste and social issues.

Cathy Parsons, Chief Executive Officer of GGAP International;, says


“I am delighted that Sheraton Miramar Resort has achieved Benchmarked status. Sheraton Miramar Resort is an inspiration to all those people committed to environmentally sustainable tourism. They have demonstrated through a variety of initiatives, that the business and its employees can make a difference to reducing their environmental impact. The commitment they have shown in signing up to participate in the Green Globe program and their achievements set an example for other businesses to follow.”

Sheraton Miramar Resort is located 22 kilometers north of Hurghada, it glows on El Gouna Red Sea. To walk into the exclusive Sheraton
Miramar is to step into another world.

It is the ultimate hideaway for the most demanding traveler. The five-star property, built on a jewel-like cluster of nine islands, was designed by noted architect Michael Graves, whose work includes the famous Swan and Dolphin hotels at Disneyworld Florida.

It’s a uniquely designed hotel with each room boasting a view of the crystalline lagoons, so if you are looking for the height of luxury and the ultimate in a Red Sea experience the Sheraton Miramar is the place to be.

Whether you want to traverse the beautifully groomed golf course, relax around one of their many pools. Experience the wonders of the Red Sea or take a moonlight stroll along the shores. This is the place for you.