ANA’s last 747 makes its final flight

ANA’s last Boeing 747SR-100 - flight NH 624 - touched down at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport at 13:59 Tuesday after its final flight from the southern city of Kagoshima. The 747SR-100 entered into service with ANA in 1979, and was known affectionately as the ‘Super Jumbo’. At the time it was the world’s first aircraft to carry five hundred people in an all economy configuration.

Passengers on this nostalgic flight were attended by ground staff dressed in uniforms from the 1970s and given 1970s replica boarding passes as a souvenir of their trip. On board they were greeted by Cabin Attendants attired in the uniform that was newly introduced at the same time as the Super Jumbo. The theme song of the Super Jumbo, “Shining Sky”, played as background music and the inflight audio programming included hit songs from the period.

As they disembarked, passengers were invited to write their sayonara messages on the side of the aircraft

A symbol of the mass transportation age, the Super Jumbo made ANA’s historic first Pacific crossing in 1986 and supported its international network in addition to plying domestic routes.

At its peak in 1989, ANA’s Super Jumbo fleet comprised 23 aircraft, which flew a combined total of 800 million kilometres, or approximately 20,000 loops of the earth.