World Cup worries for German tourism

Visitors put off by threat of rowdy, violent fans the German tourist authorities have just recruited England footballing legend Geoff Hurst to promote visits to the country during the World Cup.But this summer’s soccer spectacular might not be the draw Germany is hoping for.

According to a recent global survey by the world’s largest online travel information and advice site, TripAdvisor, of more than 1,500 travellers, the majority will be staying at home and over a third (37.5 percent) are put off visiting Germany during the World Cup because of fears about crowds and rowdy, violent fans.

Less than 10% were worried about the threat of terrorist action. Despite the World Cup, the biggest attraction for travellers to Germany continues to be culture and history, according to 41 percent of TripAdvisor respondents.

The World Cup host cities that people most want to visit are Berlin, Munich and Cologne.

The least popular were Gelsenkirchen, Dortmund and Kaiserslautern. Half of the survey respondents have visited Germany and about another quarter intend to visit Germany in the future.


Almost 20 percent of travellers surveyed by TripAdvisor forecast that Brazil will be 2006 World Cup champions while England and Germany were the second and third favourite respectively.