Customers back Lufthansa Private Jets

A year on since the launch of the Lufthansa Private Jet services and the company is very satisfied with results. Customer response has been entirely positive. With
up to ten bookings, daily, the new services have far exceeded initial expectations
and will now be expanded with the addition of further destinations and new services.
“Our Lufthansa Private Jet product has come up trumps with our customers. Demand has
meantime emerged for future use of private jet services operating to Lufthansa
standards in the USA, Middle East and Asia. Expansion of the product to those
markets is now being considered,” disclosed Lufthansa Executive Vice President
Marketing and Sales Thierry Antinori. 

Alongside the Cessna Citation Bravo and Cessna Citation Excel, the Lufthansa Private
Jet service is now offering bookings with the Hawker 800XP and Falcon 2000. These
new aircraft types have a far greater range of 4,600 and 5,100 kilometres. The
Falcon seats up to ten passengers, the Hawker 800XP accommodates up to six
passengers. The passenger total was previously restricted to a maximum of six.
Moreover, a flight attendant will constantly be on board Falcon 2000 flights to
offer top-flight service with personal attention to passenger needs.

Lufthansa Private Jet flights can now be booked to destinations in even more
countries. Besides all EU member countries, the service is available for flights to
Switzerland, Norway and Iceland as well as Bulgaria, Rumania, Albania, Bosnia,
Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro, the Caucasus, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt,
Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Ukraine. In view of encouraging demand,
Lufthansa is also pondering plans to expand this exclusive mode of air travel to
states in the Russian Federation. 

Booking the service will in future be faster and easier. The 24-hour advance booking
deadline has been scrapped to allow private jet flights to be taken at shorter
notice. The previous charge of 100 euros for additional passengers has also been
dropped. “Lufthansa Private Jet is unique in the marketplace. The results since the
product was launched last year show that this service is ideally suited to our
customers’ needs. They require sovereign command over their time and maximum
flexibility in planning their itinerary,” said Thierry Antinori.