Sabre signs Jet Airways

Indian domestic carrier Jet Airways is enhancing its flight planning and scheduling decision-making capabilities with Sabre AirFlite Schedule Manager and Sabre AirFlite Fleet Manager.

“Making informed decisions around flight scheduling is an essential part of any airline - and Jet Airways is no exception. Using Schedule Manager we will be able to build, visualise, edit and distribute our flight schedules more quickly and easily than before,” said Anthony D’sa, Jet Airlines’ general manager, planning. “In fact, as we look to expand our fleet and network destinations significantly over the next two years and beyond, we will be using these new applications and processes from Sabre Airline Solutions to better optimise our network.”

Andrew Powell, Sabre Airline Solutions’ regional vice president, said: “Jet Airways will now be in a position to evaluate more options and make quicker decisions about its network and schedules, which constantly need to be adapted to shifts in market demand. The ability to adapt quickly to the constant shifts in market demand closer to day of operations will give Jet Airways a competitive advantage. ”

Sabre Airline Solutions provides Jet Airways with multiple integrated solutions including passenger solutions, flight operations, revenue management, and now scheduling and network planning.  This means that more departments across the airline are better informed with up-to-date information from other areas of the business.  Decision-making and operational processes are now quicker and easier through the partnership with Sabre Airline Solutions.

Sabre Airline Solutions has invested millions of dollars in the redesigning of the AirFlite suite to an open integrated architecture, enabling better usability, integration and decision support. The contract with Jet Airways is another sign of the continuing interest in this ‘state of the art’ application suite.