American seeks clarity on Sabre deal

American Airlines has issued a statement in response to the announcement issued
March 7, 2006, by Sabre that it had reached an agreement with Amadeus
IT Group to share content from airlines that might not participate in one of
the two networks.The statement reads as follows:

American believes that its contracts with Global Distribution System (GDS)
providers prohibit redistributing and remarketing American’s content among
those systems.  American has not had a chance to fully examine / review the
workings of the agreement between Sabre and Amadeus, and will be requesting a
further explanation of the agreement from both Sabre and Amadeus for this
  American has in the past, and will in the future, vigorously protect its
content to the fullest extent under applicable contracts and law; this will
include addressing bookings of American’s fares made through unauthorized
  “It greatly concerns us that this announcement by Sabre may indeed mislead
travel agencies and professionals into falsely believing that the content
issue facing the GDSs is solved by this arrangement,” said David Cush,
American’s Vice President and General Sales Manager.
  “American Airlines has stated previously that it may not participate in
all GDSs going forward.  Furthermore, as we negotiate with the GDSs, American
is committed to keeping travel professionals informed so that they can plan
for maintaining full access to American’s fares,” said Cush.