Malpensa becomes 16th easyJet base

Andy Harrison, easyJet’s Chief Executive, will officially open easyJet’s 16th
base at Milan’s Malpensa airport.The airline expects to carry over 1.2 million passengers from Milan Malpensa in the
next 12 months on 12 routes - three domestic and nine international. easyJet also
operates from Milan Linate Airport to London Gatwick and Paris Orly.

Three Airbus 319 aircraft will be permanently based at Malpensa. The investment will
create 100 jobs for pilots and cabin crew and a further 1200 in the Milan area. 


Italy is one of easyJet’s fastest growing markets. Last year easyJet launched 13
new routes to and from Italy, and the airline has announced a further 12 routes
since the beginning of this year. easyJet now offers 40 routes from 11 Italian
airports and Italy now accounts for 5% of the total easyJet network. This year
easyJet will carry about 35 million passengers, compared to 24 million on Alitalia
- making easyJet 50% bigger than Italy’s national airline.



At a press conference in Milan today, Andrew Harrison, Chief Executive of easyJet,


“easyJet offers its passengers very low fares - with care and convenience; a
combination that no other airline can match. We believe Italian air passengers have
had to put up with high fares and poor service for too long. We aim to change this.


“easyJet is now offering 40 routes from 11 Italian airports - at great prices.
Italian air passengers are the clear winner.


“Millions of customers have recognised the unique benefits of flying with easyJet,
so it’s no wonder that this year we will carry about 50% more passengers than


“Follow the smart money: Vote for easyJet.”


In 2005, 2.5 million passengers flew with easyJet - an 80% increase compared to
2004, when the airline carried 1.4m passengers in Italy. This year, easyJet expects
to carry over 3.5m passengers, which would constitute a further growth of 40%. The
launch of the base will result in an increase of easyJet’s capacity in Italy of
48%. In Milan capacity will more than quadruple (+334%).