LHW launching new brand with TRUST

The Leading Hotels of the World is working to form The Private Label Company in partnership with TRUST International, in itself part of Cendant’s Travel Distribution Services division.The new company is designed to give a global presence to a hotel group or
chain in the luxury marketplace by leveraging the existing infrastructure and
reservations volumes of The Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd.

The PLC will provide superior technology for distribution; personalized
sales representation; and cost-effective private-label services for Leading
member and non-member hotel groups and chains. Via TRUST International’s
sophisticated reservations and distribution services, hotel groups who are
customers of the PLC will be able to retain their own GDS codes and have
access to worldwide voice reservations services. In addition, customers of the
PLC will benefit from direct connectivity to all major on-line channels, as
well as from interfaces to front-office and revenue-management systems. The
PLC will enable hotel companies to build their unique brand identities by
capitalizing on the combined expertise of The Leading Hotels of the World,
Ltd. and TRUST International in the areas of sales, marketing and
  In making the announcement, Paul M. McManus, president and chief executive
officer of The Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd., commented, “This alternative
solution will permit Leading to effectively address what has become a chronic
problem with group and chain hotels, who feel that they require their own
structure and brand identities in an ever increasingly competitive market for
management contracts. With this issue resolved, we will be able to concentrate
more intensely on our core business, that is the sales, marketing and
distribution of independent hotels.”
  Mr. McManus added, “What makes the PLC such a viable solution is the
combined strength of its partners. TRUST International, which provides the
highest level of distribution technology, together with Leading Hotels’ global
marketing reach, offers the best and most comprehensive solution, from both
effectiveness and cost standpoints for group hotels in existence today.”
  Currently, while other companies in this sector offer inexpensive
transaction fees, they cannot provide the comprehensive menu of services or
the complete global distribution capabilities offered by the PLC.  This forces
hotels to adopt an ad-hoc distribution approach, resulting in higher costs and
missed revenue opportunities.
  The PLC is structured to meet the specific needs of groups and chain-
affiliated hotels, with numerous bespoke sales representation options within
designated markets.  Unique to the industry, the PLC will offer the services
of either a “card-carrying” dedicated salesperson or shared-sales team, each
of whom will be educated on all properties within the portfolio.  It will also
afford hotels the opportunity to choose select target market regions for both
voice centers and sales offices.
  Richard Wiegmann, chief operating officer of TRUST International,
described the new company concept as ground breaking:  “The ability to provide
customized white-labeling services, combined with innovative reservation
technology, is something which will simply revolutionize the hotel
representation sector.”