China looks to second Maglev train

China is looking to build its second high-speed magnetic levitation train line this year, with the link between Shanghai and HangzhouThe cost will be 4.3 billion dollars, state press said.

The 35-billion-yuan Maglev train could be finished before the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai, the China Daily quoted Sheng Changli, vice governor of Zhejiang province, as saying.

“The new line will further boost the ties between the two cities and make Hangzhou a backyard garden of Shanghai,” said Sheng.

Four stations will exist along the 170-kilometer (105-mile) route. Taking passengers from Shanghai’s international airport to Hangzhou in just 26 minutes, the report said.

Germany’s Transrapid International, a consortium between German industrial giants ThyssenKrupp AG and Siemens, designs and builds the Maglev trains.


These can travel at speeds of up to 430 kilometers (270 miles) per hour.