Orient-Express site adds dynamic packaging

Orient Express is partnering with IXeo to add dynamic packaging capabilities to its website in a bid to enhance the customer booking experience. The IX-e booking engine will add flights and local services, such as transfers and special events, to complement each hotel’s accommodation and broaden the product offering. IXeo’s filtering technology, the IX-concierge, enables hotels to offer services relevant to their guests travel motive and lifestyle in a completely flexible itinerary planner. IXeo also handles the fulfilment, licenses including voucher issuing and cash management for all non-accommodation related services.

The new booking engine is currently available for the Hotel Ritz in Madrid, Reid’s Palace in Madeira and the Grand Hotel Europa in St Petersburg. The IX-e travel gateway will now be rolled out to Orient Express hotels worldwide.

‘We are delighted to be selected as the dynamic packaging partner for Orient Express, such a well-known and highly reputable brand. Their discerning requirements and our new partnership clearly demonstrates that IXeo is a leader in the field of dynamic travel and tailored brand requirements across the hospitality industry’ says Graham S. Leslie, President and CEO of IXeo.

Brian Tickle, Director of e-commerce for Orient Express states: ‘Dynamic Packaging is a key business strategy for Orient Express. While direct business through our website is still a small part of our business compared with that which comes from our travel industry partners, we must be available to our customers through whichever channels they choose.  Our discerning clientele increasingly seeks a one-stop intelligent shopping solution for all of their travel requirements. We are impressed with IXeo’s vision and capability in this regard and believe we have found the perfect partner.’