Bahamas tourism rolls out podcast

The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism will launch the Weather Conference podcast on March 8, 2006 at the 10th anniversary of the event. This new feature will be available on the conference web site at and Apple iTunes.

Video podcasts from the 10th annual Bahamas Weather Conference will be based on this year’s agenda of presentations which will look back at a historic 2005 hurricane season, Global Warming and hurricane activity, the effect of storm surge and high wind on urban areas and the insight of Gulf Coast and Florida emergency managers.

The 2006 forecast will also be a hot topic of conversation and featured video podcast.

These short video features will be posted daily March 8-12, 2006 while the conference is taking place at The Westin, Grand Bahama Island. Weather media and other interested parties can access the video on the homepage at or click on the Apple iTunes icon to subscribe.

Subscription will automatically deliver new content to those registered when they log onto Apple iTunes and the Internet.


The Bahamas Weather Conference Podcast Center will provide video for viewing on video iPods, viewing on the site or download to computer in Quicktime, Windows Media or Flash. No video iPods is necessary to share in the news and information of the Bahamas Weather Conference Podcast.

The Islands Of The Bahamas made history in 1997 by becoming the first Caribbean country to address the topic of hurricanes directly by creating the Bahamas Weather Conference. Since its inception, the conference has hosted hundreds of meteorologists from North America as well as Canada and Europe. The success of the Bahamas Weather Conference has been its ability to bring together media with the top hurricane experts in the U.S. including Dr. Bob Sheets, former director of the National Hurricane Center, Max Mayfield, director of the National Hurricane Center, Dr. William Gray of Colorado State University, and many others from the National Weather Service and emergency management.

The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism has been recognized as a leader in the tourism industry for this long-standing initiative and is pleased to lead the way again by employing this new technology to expand the reach of the Bahamas Weather Conference far beyond its borders.