Thai spa summit names speakers

The theme for this year’s Wellness Summit 2006 in Hua Hin, Thailand is being entitled “Enlivening the Spirit: Kindred Hearts to Healing Passions.” The following people have been confirmed as speakers for the event that is being held on August 23 - 25.

Growing up in her family’s health club, it was inevitable that Naomi would turn her talented mind to a career in Wellness.

Naomi is an accomplished spa operator and an inspiring leader. Her dedication to training and developing teams is unwavering, whether it’s 15 or 300, in Australia or Asia.

Her skill in performance management, contagious energy and ability to motivate helps to bring out the best in individuals. Naturally charming and always customer focused, Naomi has received rave reviews and earned high regards from some of the most demanding and exacting guests.

With her uncanny ability to identify and resolve issues, she makes everything seem effortless. Perhaps that’s because Naomi faces each challenge with a spring in her steps and a smile on her face, each time.


After having worked for premium brands, such as Chiva Som, Mandara Spa and Crown Spa, Naomi co-founded Spa Sessions, which aims to help operators and managers inspire their teams to deliver exceptional guest care and increased profitability.


Donna began her spa journey in Bali. She took her knack for writing, lively interest in health and wellness, ability to grasp new ideas, unquenchable thirst for knowledge and fashioned from them a spa consulting niche that led to Mandara Spa retaining her services for five years.

Donna’s interest in health and well-being began early. Before she reached her teens, she had taken over the family kitchen, determined to turn her parents on to the benefits of healthy food.

In 1999, she turned her lifelong interest into a career when she moved to Bali and began consulting for Mandara Spa. Initially, it was her background in PR, advertising and 5-star hospitality, along with her knack for writing that landed her this PR role. It wasn’t long before she impressed Mandara with her diverse abilities, and they began to involve her in the broader business.

She is relentless in her pursuit of excellence and believes that no barrier - personal or professional - is unbreachable. Her appreciation for customer service began in advertising agencies and flourished in the spa world. Donna is the co-founder of Spa Sessions and a regular contributor to spa magazines.


Dr Noah McKay is a motivational public speaker and private consultant to the medical and spa industry, seeking natural and innovative solutions to healthcare.

He has 15 years experience as a motivational speaker on health and fitness-related topics. He has presented hundreds of seminars on radio, TV and at conferences which focus on Wellness, prevention and innovative trends in quantum and holistic medicine. He is also the Founder of Q Health Resort, a new generation Hospa (Hospital-Spa) in an oceanfront destination in Belize. ( Dr McKay is currently researching and writing a book titled: “Building Noah’s ARK: ‘One World, One Family, One Destination” to be released in late 2006.


Jenny has been brought up in the fitness and Wellness industry. Now with 15 years of experience, she is at the forefront of this growing industry.

Jenny started her career as a dance teacher, fitness receptionist and massage therapist. Running her own massage clinic, and working her way up to become Club Manager.

Ever enthusiastic and wanting more to learn on the subject, Jenny took a pre- medicine degree in San Francisco USA. Still there was a missing she needed to find in order to complete the picture - the business side of the Wellness.

She took an IHM business degree, (Institute of Higher degrees in Marketing, a highly-renowned school in Sweden). Her career took off soon after and Jenny soon became the Scandinavian Marketing Manager for SATS Sports Club, the leading and largest fitness chain in Scandinavia.

Despite a hectic life pursuing a career that was time-consuming, she found time to keep one foot in the business.

As a group training instructor she is highly respected. Her enormous drive for knowledge led her to gain a long string of degrees and diplomas related to the Fitness & Wellness, as well as the Business & Marketing aspects of the industry.

In early 2004 Jenny Hagberg formed Raison d’Etre. Driven by her consuming passion for excellence and impeccable expertise, Raison d’Etre is scaling new heights.

As the Director of Business Development, every aspect of the business goes through her hands - the development of drawings, interior design, choice of equipment and construction. Her energies are focused at one point - the growth and development of Raison d’Etre.


A leading motivational speaker on health awareness, Grace is a woman whose focus is building bridges of respect and understanding between all sectors of the health community.

With a vast experiential and qualified background of some 30 years, Grace draws from the model of lessons learned from an exceptional experiential and qualified background of survivors, translating that message into an inspiring health promotion and wellness model.

Her accessible approach enlivens the spirit and touches the soul. Grace is recognised as a pioneer of ccomplementary medicine in Australia, is a co-founder of The Gawler Foundation, author and natural therapist.

She is currently director-founder of The Australian College of Supportive Care Medicine in Brisbane, an innovative training college for health professionals.