Brits go into overdrive online

Broadband internet, the microwave and
the humble teabag, are the UK’s favourite speedy inventions of all time,
reveals a new study by broadband provider, Wanadoo.  The survey shows how an array of time saving inventions has sped up modern
life - from hairdryers to ready meals, automatic car washes to the electric

But it is broadband internet that has had the greatest effect on the speed
of 21st Century life. With broadband speeds of up to 8 Meg available, more
than eight in ten Brits agree it shaves hours off weekly chores such as
shopping, booking holidays and banking, allowing such activities to be
conducted at twice the speed1. Second in the list is the microwave, while
the teabag - invented way back in 1908 - is still going strong as a 21st
Century labour-saving invention, according to seven out of ten people.

But it’s not all great news. The survey discovered that many of us (15
percent) are using our newfound freetime to work harder! Men are the most
likely to extend their office hours (19 vs. 13 per cent) while one in
twenty men (seven per cent) grab their dusters and allocate extra time to

Philip Mehl, managing director for sales & communications at Wanadoo said:
“Despite these fantastic inventions meaning we are able to complete tasks
quicker, very few of us are sitting back and enjoying the extra time they
save us. In fact, our study shows that modern Britons clearly find it more
therapeutic to surf the web or go back to work than put their feet up.”

Rather than opt for more leisure or rest, two thirds (67 per cent) spend
the extra time surfing the net - women more so than men (68 vs 62 per
cent). In fact, going online far outstrips such pastimes as socialising
with friends (28 per cent) and relaxing (22 per cent).


Philip Mehl continued: “Having food processors, grooming appliances and
broadband commonplace in most homes, life has truly accelerated. With even
faster broadband speed such as up to 8 Meg, life is set to get even