Adam Air plans Airbus modernisation

Adam Air has selected the Airbus A320 for a complete fleet modernisation by initially leasing six aircraft and confirming the intention to build-up a fleet of thirty aircraft over the next five years.
The long term A320 fleet will comprise of both leased and purchased aircraft and will be used to totally replace its existing fleet. The A320s will be deployed on Adam Air’s domestic and international network that currently extends to 30 destinations in Indonesia and neighbouring Southeast Asian nations.

Adam Air’s A320s will be configured in a 180-seat layout.

“In just two years, Adam Air has built a strong competitive position in one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Now is the time for the next step of our development. We have studied the alternative aircraft options available but have concluded that the A320 is the superior solution in terms of lower fuel and maintenance costs. We are sure that Adam Air passengers will be excited by the A320’s attractive cabin and delighted by the low fares we will be able to offer,” said Adam Air President Director, Mr. Adam Adhitya Suherman.