Frontier expands Airbus deal

Frontier Airlines has
announced the firm order of six new A320 aircraft, as well as the
exchange of eight existing A319 aircraft orders for four A318 and four
A320 aircraft orders.The amended aircraft order introduces the A320
aircraft to Frontier’s existing fleet plan and extends Frontier’s growth
plan into fiscal year 2011 from its previous last delivery date of March
2008. At the end of fiscal year 2011, Frontier’s fleet will consist of
the following mix of aircraft: (11) A318, (49) A319 and (10) A320.

Frontier President and CEO Jeff Potter said, “Today’s announcement is
exciting for us for a number of reasons, including our taking the next
step in our growth strategy by ordering the larger A320 aircraft. We
have reached an optimal level of frequencies in several of our most
popular markets, and the A320 will provide us an opportunity to continue
to expand while maximizing the economies of scale that the A320 can
offer. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we are adding four new A318
aircraft to our existing fleet, allowing us the flexibility to ensure we
are “right-sizing” our markets. The flexibility of the A320 family is an
integral part of our growth plans and we are eager to take the next step
with this new order.”

Chief Executive Officer of Airbus, Gustav Humbert said, “When Frontier
became an ‘all-Airbus’ airline last April, we knew that we had achieved
an important milestone in the U.S. market. Our aircraft are not just a
considered addition, but the foundation of low-cost carriers worldwide.
Airlines like Frontier recognize the importance of a balance of comfort,
technology and economics to their customers and employees.”