Lufthansa takes top honours

Lufthansa has received a top award from the Armbrust Aviation Group for having the
best fuel management department in the aviation industry.The fuel suppliers who
took part in the 5th Armbrust Survey ranked Lufthansa first in six of the eight
individual categories, including “Most innovative”, “Most price conscious” and “Best
staff”. Helmut Fredrich, General Manager for Fuel at Lufthansa, accepted the prize
in the United States. “Fuel is an important cost factor for every airline,” he said.
“Given the drastic increase in the price of oil and kerosene, now more than ever we
need an integrated and professional approach to fuel management.”

Lufthansa has an annual fuel requirement of about six million tonnes. Since 1990 the
Group has successfully hedged against fluctuating jet fuel prices. To date, it has
made cost savings totalling more than 1.5 billion euros.