Air Canada Welcomes Security Charge Reduction

Air Canada welcomed the Canadian
federal government’s decision to reduce its Air Travellers Security Charge,
and encouraged all governments and authorities to examine ways to participate
in the reduction of taxes and surcharges on airlines faced by the consumer
when purchasing air travel.The federal budget was announced today and includes a reduction in the
Air Travellers Security Charge. This reduction, effective April 1, 2004,
represents $2 off round trip domestic flights (from $14 to $12), $2 off round
trip U.S. transborder flights (from $12 to $10), and $4 off round trip
international flights (from $24 to $20).
  “We are pleased that the federal government recognizes the impact of the
current security surcharge as a disincentive to travel and has seen fit to
further reduce it,” said Robert Milton, President and Chief Executive Officer.
“This initiative is a positive step in the right direction and we commend the
government for its action.”
  “In keeping with today’s announcement, we encourage government-created
natural monopolies, including airport authorities and Nav Canada, to adopt a
realistic approach to the airline industry’s financial predicament and to work
with us as partners in the development of sustainable air services,” he