FCC Approves Total Continental US, Hawaii and Caribbean Tower Coverage for SkyWay Communications Hol

SkyWay Communications Holding Corp, and its wholly owned subsidiary, Sky Way Aircraft, announced today the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has approved SkyWay to complete its air to ground (ATG) wireless coverage in the United States, Hawaii and Caribbean locations integrating 74 additional towers to the current 40 towers for a total of 114 licensed towers. SkyWay will begin RF engineering, inspections and frequency handoff testing to integrate the additional towers with those previously approved in Phase I and Phase II. The granting of this license allows SkyWay to broadcast seamlessly to airborne aircraft providing in-flight entertainment and Homeland Security solutions to airlines anywhere in the United States territory.

The license permits SkyWay to upgrade and complete the reactivation of their existing air to ground tower network, making SkyWay the larger of two land-based networks licensed to operate in the ATG frequencies. Using the existing tower network and the FCC license, SkyWay is able to provide many in-flight services with its 15 Mbps air to ground throughput. This robust connection allows for the transmission of real-time bi-directional information from commercial airlines, general aviation and military aircraft.

According to Brent Kovar, President of SkyWay Communications Holding Corp., “This additional FCC license will make Sky Way’s network the largest, fastest and most robust ATG infrastructure, giving complete and seamless coverage to support domestic airlines, defense contractors and government agencies. We are proud to provide a variety of much needed Homeland Security solutions on the largest ATG network in the world.”