SAS Board to Revise Structure and Responsibility

On account of the altered Group structure and establishment of three
wholly owned airlines for the SAS Consortium, the Board of Directors of
SAS AB have decided to revise the structure and areas of responsibility
within Group Management. A new function, Airline Strategy & Coordination
has been created. This function will be responsible for the overall
strategic development of the airline business as well as be responsible
for ensuring synergies and coordination, among other tasks.
To ensure a vigorous and distinct executive management of the airline
business, the heads of the three new national airlines in Scandinavian
Airlines in Denmark, Norway and Sweden will report directly to the
President and CEO. This means that the position of Executive Vice
President and Chief Operating Officer of Scandinavian Airlines will
cease to exist.

After these changes, Group Management will continue to consist of six
J¿rgen Lindegaard, President and CEO.
Five positions will report to the President and CEO:
Gunnar Reitan, Deputy CEO, responsible for Subsidiary & Affiliated
Airlines and Hotels
Gunilla Berg, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Sören Belin, Executive Vice President, Airline Strategy & Coordination
John S. Dueholm, Executive Vice President and responsible for Airline
Support and Airline Related Businesses
Bernhard Rikardsen, Executive Vice President and responsible for
Corporate Administration & Support

Together with the conversion of Scandinavian Airlines into independent
subsidiaries, the changes mean the SAS is establishing a Group structure
more in line with industry norms. No changes in the rest of the business
structure takes place.