Delta Air Lines Gives Customers Simple Fare Choices

  Delta Air Lines today announced a new simplified fare structure for
customers traveling within Florida. The new fare structure offers
customers in Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Myers, Miami, Orlando, Tallahassee and
West Palm Beach four new fares that do not require a minimum stay and
range from $60 to $175 each way based on distance traveled and advance
purchase. “We’re offering customers clear, simple, low fares for travel within
Florida,” said Harlan Bennett, Delta’s vice president - Revenue
Management. “We believe our customers will be excited about this new
simple fare structure, and this will spur an increase in intra-Florida air
travel. Why drive when you can fly for as little as $60 each way?”

The new fares are divided into four simplified categories: seven-day
advance purchase, three-day advance purchase or two walk-up fares. The
higher of the two walk-up fares is refundable, while the other fares are

“With these new fares, the decision between driving or flying is much
easier,” said Bennett. “With this new structure, a business traveler from
Miami can affordably travel to Tallahassee and back in one day, rather
than facing a 16-hour drive and a night away from friends and family. And
the leisure traveler can get to their vacation quickly and affordably.”