GRIC to Offer Wi-Fi & Hotel Ethernet Access Locations Worldwide

GRIC Communications, Inc. announced today at
the Gartner Wireless & Mobile Summit 2004 that it now has access rights to
more than 10,000 Wi-Fi and Ethernet locations, enhancing its position as
the world’s largest hot spot aggregator and the premiere provider of
mobile broadband. More Than 10,000

The GRIC TierOne Network(TM) is the world’s largest aggregated network
with more than 40,000 wired and wireless access points in 150 countries
and territories, of which more than 10,000 are mobile broadband access
points. This includes 6,642 live Wi-Fi access points, more than any
service provider; 1,400 hotel Ethernet access points; and an additional
2,900 hot spots under contract and being placed in production. The hot
spots are located across 40 countries and territories in 230 airport
locations, more than 3,500 cafes and restaurants, and 2,012 hotel
locations, as well as other venues.

GRIC subscribers can access the networks of all 59 wireless service
providers that are part of GRIC’s TierOne Network with one account and one
password for a truly seamless experience. Customers get one invoice for
all GRIC Wi-Fi services, regardless of which wireless service provider’s
network that is being accessed, providing unprecedented flexibility, cost
savings, and convenience. In addition, using one subscription and
password, subscribers can access the networks of approximately 300 other
leading service providers that are part of the global GRIC TierOne
Network. As a result, GRIC offers its subscribers access to a total of
more than 40,000 access points, over 350 service provider networks, and
multiple forms of access including Wi-Fi, hotel Ethernet, cable, DSL,
ISDN, and dial-up access - all with a single account.