Alitalia Switches to Software-based Online Shopping Engine

Alitalia has announced that it has successfully implemented QPX by ITA Software on Alitalia’s main Web site

Alitalia’s customers are now able to easily select from the widest range of fares available for travel anywhere on Alitalia’s world-wide network. 

“With QPX, we have seen an immediate and impressive improvement in Alitalia’s on-line sales,” said Vittorino Capobianco, Alitalia’s vice president of Direct Sales, Loyalty & Distribution. “And as importantly, ITA Software’s system has enhanced the overall customer appeal of our Web site.”


“Alitalia is clearly demonstrating market leadership and innovation,” said Jeremy Wertheimer, ITA Software’s president and CEO.  “Alitalia is the first European carrier to turn to QPX - modern technology that is also powering Orbitz, Continental Airlines, Air Canada, Galileo and other airline systems that are leading the way.”



The QPX implementation has been a particular success story for Alitalia.  The project was accomplished quickly and on-time - in less than three months from start to commercial launch.


Alitalia plans soon to make QPX available through many of its local Web sites in countries around the world, enabling travelers wherever they live to easily find and purchase tickets on Alitalia.