Establishment of the Tripartite Council following Haiti crisis

Yesterday, on March 4, 2004, a TRIPARTITE COUNCIL was established. It is composed of three eminent persons appointed by the Government of Haiti, Plate-forme Démocratique, and the international community. They are, respectively, Mr. Leslie Voltaire (Minister of Haitians Living Abroad), Mr. Paul Denis (former Senator of the Republic and a member of Plate-forme Démocratique), and Mr. Adama Guindo (United Nations Resident Coordinator in Haiti).  The Tripartite Council grew out of the CARICOM initiative and is based on OAS resolutions CP/RES. 861 of February 19 and CP/RES. 862 of February 26 and United Nations resolution S/1529 of February 29.

The Tripartite Council is charged with selecting, by consensus, the seven members of the Council of Wise Men, which will, in turn, submit to the interim President the candidacy of an individual to serve as Prime Minister. The Council’s decision-making process is described in greater detail in the attached document.

Members of the Tripartite Council may not serve on the Council of Wise Men. The Tripartite Council will conclude its work with the appointment of the members of the Council of Wise Men.

The first meeting of the Tripartite Council is being held today at the OAS office in Port-au-Prince. It is expected that the Council’s work will be brief and that the decision-making process will be concluded in less than a week.