Wificom Moves into Spanish Market with Neomedia Wireless

Neomedia Wireless today announced its selection of Wificom Technologies’ SAB Server to serve as the backend platform for its nationwide hotspot rollout.
Neomedia’s latest expansion includes rollout of broadband services with a major hotel chain throughout Spain and will deploy Wificom’s SAB Server 4.2 to manage all broadband services - wireless as well as wired.

Miguel Caballero, Business Development Director of Neomedia Wireless, said Wificom represented a clear choice because of the SAB Server’s ability to manage complex roaming arrangements from a central server.

“As the Spanish market is very much dependant on tourism, it was critical for us as a services supplier to the hospitality industry to be able to offer the best-quality services. Simply said: to allow end-users to roam,” Caballero explained. “Wificom’s SAB Server has the most advanced roaming functionalities I have seen on the market, which makes it possible to set up automated multilateral roaming relationships while preserving our freedom to negotiate tariffs bilaterally”.

Wificom Sales Manager Matthieu Merlio said, “Neomedia represents a new market entry for us - adding yet another country to those already served by the SAB Server.”

“Roaming has always been and will stay our prime focus,” Merlio added. “And we know that in today’s wireless services marketplace, this is a deal-winner - Neomedia is further proof of that”.