Tiscover.co.uk Launches

Tiscover has unveiled its own UK portal, Tiscover.co.uk
The launch of the website follows Tiscover’s success in creating leading tourism portals in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy (Tiscover.at, Tiscover.de, Tiscover.com etc). The company also powers the individual websites of organisations including the Austrian National Tourist Office, the State of Bavaria in Germany and Italy’s province, Trentino.

Tiscover moved into the UK during 2003 and quickly signed partnerships to power the web presence of leading tourism forces including the East of England Tourist Board, Bournemouth City Council and Plymouth Marketing Bureau.

Visitors to tiscover.co.uk will enjoy instant access to information from leading tourist destinations, including attractions, events, weather and the ability to book from hundreds of accommodation providers.

The launch means Tiscover’s UK customers will be able to promote their services through their own Tiscover-powered website, through Tiscover.co.uk and through Tiscover.com.

Karsten Kärcher, executive director of sales, marketing and finance at Tiscover said: “The launch of Tiscover.co.uk is an exciting development for the company. We are already the leading player in e-tourism in Europe, and have made inroads into the UK market over the last year. We now look forward to quickly winning the support of further UK destinations, which this new portal will help.”


“Our intention is to become the leading operator of tourism websites in the UK, like we are in other countries. Tiscover.co.uk will provide the UK’s tourist market with a powerful platform to target their huge domestic and international customer base.”