NZ Cuba-fest deemed a success

Large crowds, a lack of congestion and general good weather created much pleasure for the organisers of the Cuba festival in the NewZealand Capital of Wellington. People swarmed to the Carnival site and reveled in the the entertainment on offer.Director John Page says the carnival has made a successful return to Wellington’s summer. Planning is already underway for carnival 2005.

“Today’s audiences were magnificent and Wellington turned out even in the rain on Saturday to make the carnival a success. The highlight for me was the colour and energy of the Night Parade. The generous support of partners and sponsors - especially New Zealand Community Trust, 91ZM and Wellington City - has made possible one of the most important annual events in the city.

“Two thousand people worked on the carnival, from security to staff, to performers. Many other organisations provide support and sponsorship, and they have all earned thanks for making the carnival fantastic.”