Starz Resorts to renovate Community Central Park of Sosua

Sosua Bay Hotel owned and operated by Starz Resorts Corporation has announced the commitment to renovate and remodel the Community Central Park of Sosua, as a contribution to the Municipality of Sosua, Dominican Republic. “We have always believed in Sosua, even when the tourism arrivals in this area had declined, some people thought we were crazy when we announced the construction of our properties here, and now, the area is coming alive and we want to contribute to the Renessaince of the town”, said Ian Schembri Sant, President of Starz Resorts

Starz Resorts first investment in the Dominican Republic was in this township of Sosua, a small fisherman and agricultural community on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, just six kilometers from the Puerto Plata International Airport. The fabulous beach of Sosua is in a protected cove right between two communities, El Batey and Los Charamicos. The Hotel and the park that will be renovated is at El Batey.

For hundreds of Austrian and German Jews, the Dominican Resort town of Sosua represents more than a sun beach paradise, it was a safe haven for Jewish refugees during World War II, while other countries were reluctant to receive them. This migration to the North coast of the Dominican Republic brought some interesting cultural and religious diversity to this town.

Starz Resorts is sponsoring the creation of the Sosua Ecological Foundation, in order to coordinate various Ecological friendly programs with the main aim of creating a partnership between the local community, and the resort, to set up a network of community based marine protected areas to jointly enhance the conservation and development of atolls, coral reefs and other marine species.