Thai Airways Announces Strategy on Improvement

Today Prof. Dr. Chai-anan Samudavanija, member of THAI’s Board of Directors and Chairman of the airline’s Corporate Identity Committee, presided over a press conference on “THAI’s strategy on identity and service improvement towards being first choice carrier” and the contract signing ceremony between THAI, by Mr. Kanok Abhiradee, THAI’s President, and Interbrand Thailand Inc., by Mr. Chuck Brymer, Interbrand’s Group Chief Executive Officer, to develop THAI’s new corporate identity. THAI’s new corporate identity aims to support the government’s policy to combine public and private sector efforts as well as the general public to compete in the global market, and to create sustainable development for society. The new identity will be evident at the new Suvarnabhumi Airport, in the cabin refurbishment which is expected to be completed by December 2004 as well as the new Airbus 340-600 to be delivered in 2005. THAI issued Terms of Reference (TOR) for various design consultants, both local and international, on 2 May 2003, and six consultancies submitted proposals. THAI’s criteria for selection included: Concept and strategy, Reputation and experience, Creativity, Quality and Comprehensiveness of Proposal, and Practicality.

Interbrand was the final choice to help develop THAI’s new corporate identity. Its High Trust World Class and Thai Touch concepts will add an international aspect in the Contemporary Modern Thai Style that will cover all the five senses. The concepts will apply to all aspects of the corporate identity from Basic identity such as Logo and Colour, Aircraft Fuselage, Cabin decoration: colour of seats, walls, carpets, atmosphere, inflight utilities from crockery to printed material and inflight entertainment, Decoration of service stations at Bangkok International Airport and Suvarnabhumi Airport, such as check-in counters, airport, lounges and departure areas, Decor of sales offices and THAI offices, THAI vehicles, and Signage.

Mr. Abhiradee announced that it was necessary to maintain an edge in the competitive global aviation industry. THAI’s campaign “Towards Asian Leadership” aims to make the airline a regional leader as well as one of the top five airlines in the world. The strategy puts THAI on the offensive in this competition, putting creativity and customer delight at the forefront of the strategy. In the past, THAI has constantly upgraded the quality of its services and introduced new services for the convenience and benefit of its customers. These include:

á A Call Centre service to provide direct dial information to customers.

á Royal e-Service including Royal e-Booking, Royal e-Ticket and Royal e-Check-in using modern information technology for THAI passengers


á Royal Transfer in a new Mercedes Fleet for First Class passengers between the airport and their hotels/residents in Bangkok.

á Providing Premium Customer Service to Royal First Class and Royal Executive Class passengers from the moment they step into the airport until they reach their final destination, with dedicated staff to handle luggage, assist with check-in and immigration procedures, use of special Royal Orchid Lounges and Royal Transfer to the departure gate.

á Enhanced decor for the Royal First Class and Royal Executive Class Lounges with an emphasis on Thainess and modern amenities.

THAI’s Inflight Service Improvements include:

á Improving seat comfort in Royal First Class to decline at 180 degree and 170 degree in Royal Executive Class on THAI’s 9 Boeing 747-400s aircraft and 8 Boeing 777-200s aircraft. The installation of new seats on these aircrafts is expected to complete by the end of 2004.Ê

á Improving Inflight Entertainment System with Audio VDO on Demand with Touch Screen and Handset with a wide variety of movies and songs on THAI’s 9 Boeing 747-400s aircraft and 8 Boeing 777-200s aircraft. The installation of new system on these aircrafts is expected to complete by the end of 2004 and the installation of Airbus A340 will be complete within 2005.

á Special Inflight Meals, THAI will select popular dishes from destinations to which THAI operates. In addition, special menus prepared by guest chefs from leading restaurants and pre-ordered meals as well as a comprehensive Thai menu for Royal First Class passengers will be available.

á Cabin Crew Training, THAI will be introducing proactive training program for cabin crew to enhance their ways of thinking and become even more service minded.

THAI has also introduced the “Fly THAI with Thai Artists” campaign where First and Business Class passengers can have their portraits drawn on daylight flights between Bangkok and London, Paris and Frankfurt.