South African Tourism Launches New Website

South African Tourism is marking the country’s 10 years of freedom with the launch of a new website,
. The website is designed to offer a dynamic window into the trademark culture and heritage that makes South Africa one of the world’s most unique and authentically inspirational destinations.
“This website provides the first stop on the journey of discovery that is South Africa,” said Prudence Solomon Inzerillo, President, South Africa Tourism - USA. “We are proud to be able to share our heritage here and to showcase our culture, our people, our struggles, our triumphs, our extraordinary natural beauty and more. It is all part of who we are as a nation and what we represent to the world. And it can all be found on”

Visitors to the site can travel through time to learn about the earliest beginnings of the country and chart the progress on the road to freedom. They can explore South Africa’s fascinating cultural village experiences, where travelers can sample the food, customs, music and traditions of its people. They can learn about walking herbal trails with tribal healers.

They can sample the vibrant and defining culture of the nation, from its more than 300 museums to its world-famous authors and artists to the infectious rhythms that have found their way all around the globe, and a wide array of arts festivals.

They can ‘visit’ South Africa’s United Nations-designated World Heritage Sites, including Robben Island, the longtime prison home of Nelson Mandela ... and much more. Thirty-nine cultural routes are showcased, with detailed descriptions and fascinating historical data given about each location and its environs.