Voice and Data Solution Launched for Business Travellers

IDT Europe
and Connect Spot today announced the launch of simplifi the world’s first prepaid rechargeable voice and data service on a single account with a single PIN. Initially the service will be provided via the simplifi website at www.idt-simplifi.com with cards available from leading European outlets soon. IDT Europe is a major global provider of prepaid phone cards. Connect Spot is a Wireless Internet Service Provider and systems integrator.

Business travellers can use simplifi to keep in touch with family, friends, and the office while on the move. Each simplifi account provides low cost voice access to almost anywhere in the world and remote data access from over 10,000 global public Wi-Fi hotspots. Simplifi customers can connect to the internet through dial-up, fixed broadband or high-speed wireless from one account.

“With simplifi companies pay less for mobile connectivity while providing employees with a more convenient way to stay in touch and access the internet,” said Marc Bodner, Managing Director of IDT Europe “Simplifi brings two services - voice and data together on one account. You only pay for what you use - the simplifi solution charges by the minute.”

“This is an exciting development for the customer - at last they have global access to voice and data in one cost-effective solution with a single account” said Mark Carter, Connect Spot co-founder

The business traveller can use simplifi at work or at leisure, to connect with their world via the internet, wherever they are, whenever they want, seamlessly and without effort. Once the simplifi software is downloaded and the account is activated customers can log on from wherever they are. They can stay connected using a fixed line at a hotel or stay in touch without wires at an airport or café, without high phone bills, without worries.


Simplifi, a pre-paid rechargeable service accessible online, will soon be available as a retail card as well. The voice service can be used in 20 countries, allowing low-cost calls to almost anywhere in the world.

The data service - fixed and wireless - is available in 150 countries and is provided through the iPass worldwide network. The Hotspot Hotel Directory Service can be used to search for access points and Wi-Fi hotspots by location worldwide. 

With simplifi users pay for the time they use - per-minute billing allows users to manage how long they are logged on for their voice and data calls. Users have a number of competitive pricing plans with simplifi depending on their access method and location.